Kansas Kidnapping Suspect May Have Been at Coahoma High School

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

COAHOMA-- After seeing our update on Rojelio Hernandez Thursday night, office staff called the Superintendent and said, they've seen that face before.

"It happened based on the report ya'll ran last night.  We had some people here locally that said this looks like the young man that was here," Superintendent Randy Brown, said.

As Brown talked about what he says went down at Coahoma High School last month, the details were eerily similar to what happened in Kansas, "He had a Permian letter jacket on.  He said his family had bought land in Coahoma, his dad had recently passed away and his mom had just been employed in Big Spring and they were moving to Coahoma."

Using a different name, not Rojelio Hernandez, the young man said he wanted to transfer.

"He did not have the information he needed to enroll.  He did not have a parent with him.  This young man did not enroll.  He was not allowed to," Brown explained.

He was told to come back with withdrawal forms from his previous school.  The office staff never saw him again.

Last month's visit wasn't the first time this stranger made his way to Coahoma ISD campus.  School officials say he was there earlier this summer with a totally different story,"He had said that he was a triplett.  He had two, older, larger brothers that were supposedly pretty good athletes, all-state wrestlers or football players and that they would be enrolling and playing football."

Superintendent Brown says, as far as he knows, there was no inappropriate contact between the stranger and any student on campus and that their safety was never compromised.

Brown credits his staff and the procedures they have in place, regarding visitors on campus, "I'm pleased with the job our staff did at the high school, in making sure that someone, who didn't need to be inside our high school or enrolled in our classes, was allowed to do that."

Howard County authorities say it's still too early to say if the man seen at Coahoma High School is in fact, Rojelio Hernandez.

School officials say, "I don't know that we will be able to confirm that it was or wasn't (him), but we suspect that it was."