Midland Man Arrested for Not Paying Child Support

James Hoffmeister
James Hoffmeister

DALLAS - A Midland man has been arrested in Dallas for not paying child support.

The Texas Attorney General's Office says 34-year-old James Hoffmeister owes thousands in unpaid child support.

Authorities traced Hoffmeister to his job site based on a tip to the Child Support Evader Hotline. He is currently in the Dallas County Jail, while he waits to be transferred to Midland County.

Authorities say Hoffmeister was ordered to pay $170 a month to support his daughter back in 1996. The Attorney General's Office says he has failed to pay despite having the ability to do so.

Due to the missed payments and the interest that accrues on the past balance, Hoffmeister now owes more than $25,000.