Police Searching for Shooting Suspect in Midland

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

Police are on the hunt for the man responsible for putting a bullet in the back of a Midland store manager. The suspect shot him with a handgun then took off.

"We're in shock right now," Carla Martin, Neighbor and friend, said.

Confusion and concern for safety stirred up the west side of Midland on Tuesday afternoon. Police tape stretched out across Yorkman's Detail Shop on West Illinois right across the street from King's Way Mall.

"He was laying there," Lizandra Tavarez, Friend of the Victim, said. "It looked like he got up and had two shots in his stomach. He was just holding his stomach."

Here's what happened: a Midland police officer was out on patrol about 4:00 pm, when a worker at Yorkman's Detail Shop flagged him over. When he went in, he found the 26-year-old shop manager, Robert Yorkman, with a bullet in his lower back.

"We live like 5, 6 blocks down," Tavarez said. "It's always been really peaceful. We've never, not in this side of town or anything."

"They're collecting evidence here at the scene and patrol officers are actively looking for the suspect," Tina Jauz with the Midland Police Department, said.

Investigators believe the suspect, a Hispanic man went with a woman to the shop to get an estimate on a car. When the man returned later in the afternoon, he pulled a handgun on the manager.

"He acted like he had something concealed in his hand," Jauz said. "The manager got suspicious and that's when he ran outside and got at least one gunshot wound."

Right now we don't know just how bad those injuries are, but Midland Police say the victim is at Midland Memorial Hospital and he's been through surgery.

"I know these people," Martin said. "They are very good neighbors. They're good people. Very good people. They come to eat here all the time. We never hear any problems with them."

"Right now, I'm nervous," Martin said. "This neighborhood is very peaceful. We never have problems, never. This is the first time. I'm just in shock. I don't know."

Midland Police are looking for a Hispanic male in his late 20's with a thin build. They believe he's about five feet eight inches tall with multiple tattoo's. Witnesses say at the time of the shooting, he had on a white tank top with jeans.

If you have any information call, Midland Police at 685-7108 or Midland CrimeStopper at 694-TIPS.