Odessan Admits To Shooting Soldier On Leave From Iraq

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

HILL COUNTY, TX - An Odessa woman has admitted to shooting an army solider on leave from Iraq while they were in bed. It happened on Saturday in Hill County, Texas, where the woman remains behind bars.

24-year-old April Danielle Thompson of Odessa is facing manslaughter charges after admitting she pulled the trigger on an Army soldier. The Hill County Sheriff said Thompson admits she did not mean to kill 20-year-old Private Cody Ryan Patterson. Police in Blum, TX report Thompson and Patterson had been socializing together all day while she was in town visiting a child from a previous marriage. The two ended up in bed together, but around 4 AM Saturday, Thompson found the solider's .22 caliber revolver.

"She said she thought it was a toy," Hill County Sheriff Jeffery Lyon, said. "Mr. Patterson said it was not, it's a real weapon, that it was not loaded, at that point she cocked the hammer and pulled the trigger."

According to authorities, Thompson shot Patterson point blank in the chest. When she realized what she had done, she fled to Glenrose, which is about thirty miles from Blum. That's where authorities caught up to Thompson. Her bond has been set at $125,000 dollars.
Private Patterson was home on a two week leave from Iraq.