More Couples Seeking Marriage Classes

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Twogether in Texas' free marriage class is so popular, even more couples are signing up to try to keep their marriage together.

"We're seeing 80 couples a month now, and I expect it to get to 100 by the end of the month, but we need to extend our volunteers," Preston Chancellor, said.
Project Director Preston Chancellor says with the divorce rate climbing statewide, signing up for a class to work through the kinks in their marriage can save couples from going down a dark road.

"There's serious abuse issues that need to be taken care of. Open communication can reduce that; people can see each other's perspective better," Chancellor said.

"If you commit two or more offenses with abuse, you can be charged with a felony now," Sylvia Villa of Safe Place of the Permian Basin, said.

The program's been hit by recent budget cuts, but even still Chancellor says he's pleased to see couples going the extra mile to boost their relationships especially when it benefits their children.

"You can't beat a person who comes in and says thank you for saving my parent's marriage; that alone gives me 6 more months of energy," Chancellor said.

Preston Chancellor tells NewsWest 9, the cutbacks in their funding mean Twogether In Texas is having to call on volunteers to keep the marriage program going strong. 

If you are interested in joining the class, you can log on to