Phone Lines Cut in Andrews for the Second Time This Year

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - It felt like a leap back in time for those in Andrews on Tuesday night as all phone, credit card, and ATM service was offline for several hours. For the second time this year, work crews in Midland County cut through fiberoptic lines that service Andrews. And those outages mean huge headaches for residents there.

"It worries me not being able to get in touch with anybody," Yvette Reyes, an Andrews neighbor, said.

It all started in Midland County where road crews began digging on FM 1788 just North of Highway 191 - right next to a warning sign. The phone company said once the heavy machinery dug through the fiberoptic lines, all landline and cell phone service went down.

"They always say call before you dig," Reyes said. "That's going to cause a problem every time. The sign is there for a reason."

All 911 calls were re-routed to Martin County. That brought big concerns for Andrews neighbors.

"You can't even call 911," Reyes said. "I'm pregnant, I'm due this month, and I can't call 911. If something happens, if I can't get up, if I fall, if I trip, I can't call anybody to come and help me. I'm just having to hope that someone will be around to come and help."

"If someone has an emergency, they need you then. Not later," Trisha Underwood with Cassidy's Sub Shop, said.

The phones weren't the only inconvenience, Cassidy's Sub Shop told NewsWest 9, their debit and ATM machines shut down too.

"The credit card machines were down, a lot of people annoyed, upset, you don't get to spend your money off the credit card, you have to go to the ATM's, but the ATM's aren't working so people get quite aggitated," Underwood said.