Big Spring Gift To Mexican Sister City Stalled at the Border

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - City officials are hoping a gift to their sister city in Mexico will make it to it's final destination. They were trying to send an older city ambulance, but the breaks were put on when it tried to cross the border.

City officials in Big Spring didn't want to alarm border or customs officials, they were just trying to get a gift to their sister city. It will likely get there, just not as quick as they want. 

NewsWest 9 is still learning the details, but the idea was to send a older ambulance to San Miguel El Alto in Mexico. The city officials there in San Miguel said they could use the ambulance for their city services, but are now trying to sort through the paperwork with customs. On Wednesday, they told NewsWest 9 they are talking to customs officials about getting the ambulance cleared, so it can be used for public services. The vehicle has been in customs now for several days. 

Big Spring officials say they are in communication with all groups involved. Again, city officials in San Miguel said it will take a little more time to get through all the paperwork, but they're optimistic they will eventually get their gift from Big Spring.