Oil and Gas Hearing Brings Concern

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND -The future of of oil and gas drilling and production within the city limits continues to be a hot topic in the Tall City.  

It was a full house on Tuesday afternoon with people passionately voicing their opinions. This issue came to the forefront last year when the high price of oil caused a flurry of drilling activity in the Basin, some getting very close to homes in Midland.   

The Midland Oil and Gas Task Force has reviewed the existing ordinance regulating production of oil and gas in city limits, and will make recommendations to the City Council.
Safety and health concerns were the top priority for most if production was allowed in the city. Those who are for city drilling say anyway to expand the oil industry helps Midland.  

Other concerns were property values, and that they might go down if drilling were to happen within city limits.
One land manager NewsWest 9 spoke to says production in city limits will not affect property value in Midland. 

The issue will now go to the Midland City Council to voted on.