Sheriff's Deputy Files Libel Suit Against Evi Quaid

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

PRESIDIO COUNTY--He claims his good name is getting dragged through the mud.

It all stems from Randy and Evi Quaid's arrest, over an unpaid hotel bill.  In a fourteen page petition, Deputy James Davis says how just doing his duty turned into the need to defend himself.

His attorney, Jason Snell, tells NewsWest 9, Davis has earned the reputation of being honest and honorable, but Evi Quaid's actions have tarnished it.

On September 24th, Presidio County Sheriff's Deputies, arrested the Quaids, on warrants out of Santa Barbara County, California. They were wanted for stiffing The San Ysidro Ranch on a $10,000 bill.   The pair was booked and released on $20,000 bond each.  

But it wasn't over.

The lawsuit claims Evi Quaid went to the Sheriff's Office the next day and accused Davis of being a crooked and corrupt cop.  She even filed a statement with Marfa Police, accusing him of being part of a conspiracy to arrest them and get their money.

But according to Davis' attorney, the final straw is shown in pictures taken by Marfa Publishing.   They show Quaid painting a sign on a truck on the main street in Marfa, accusing Davis of being on the take.

Attorney Jason Snell says everything is false and Davis has nothing to do with any conspiracy against the Quaids and he does not take bribes.

Davis is suing Evi Quaid for libel and emotional distress and is asking for the maximum amount of damages the law will allow.

We're told there is no reason to believe Randy Quaid has anything to do with his wife's actions.  There are no allegations against him in the lawsuit.

The couple is scheduled to appear in a California court, October 19th to face charges of defrauding an inkeeper, burglary, and conspiracy.