Keep Midland Beautiful Hosts Neighborhood Clean-Up

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - For a group of volunteers, picking up trash early in the morning, it was their way of showing how much they cared for their community.

"It's really amazing to see complete strangers come to help out when it's cold. Our goal is to help out with community and show that we appreciate you all," Volunteer Asha Sookhai said.

Keep Midland Beautiful, along with the City and County, decided to help clean up an area that is soon to be annexed.

"Sometime in November, this place is going to be annexed, and become part of the city. They're going to have to follow City ordinance," Catarina Nava with Keep Midland Beautiful, said.

That means no junk cars, tall weeds, and trash will be allowed around properties. 

However, not everyone can afford to clean up the existing mess surrounding their homes.

"We want to help all of Midland, but this is an area that really needs help. The County, the City, and residents asked for help, so it's a community effort," Nava said.

"I just enjoy giving back. I guess it's the feeling you get when doing good deeds," Volunteer Lee Natividad said.

The day was filled with community volunteers making a difference, one trash bag at a time.