ECISD to Begin Distributing H1N1 Vaccine to Those Who Need It

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - ECISD is also doing its part to get the H1N1 vaccine to those that need it most.

School officials say the district has been hit hard by the flu.

Starting Monday, they are advising parents to look for a letter being sent home with students.

That letter covers how the district will go about handing out their vaccines.

ECISD will be following the health department's lead and giving high risk students a first chance to get the vaccine.

"We're going to be singling out the children that we know of, that have underlying medical conditions," Laura Mathew, Director of Health Services for ECISD, said. "Things like asthma, diabetes, children we are concerned about, because they come to the school nurse frequently.  We know there are some children we really want to protect more than others."

The vaccines at ECISD will be handed out depending on parental approval.

Once the high risk groups are done and more vaccines are in, everyone else will get a chance to get their's.