Man Leads Authorities on Chase after an Alleged Kidnapping

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

STANTON - One man sits behind bars in Martin County after a suspected kidnapping that took him from Odessa all the way to Stanton on Thursday afternoon. Now, the charges against him are adding up.

This story all started with a ride home from Odessa gone astray. Thanks to help from Midland Police, Stanton Police, and Martin County Deputies, the suspect didn't make it to his final destination. 

Martin County Sheriff John Woodward said 42-year-old Jesus Martinez offered a woman a ride home around one after a party Thursday afternoon, but when she got in the car, he told her he wasn't taking her home. Instead, they were going to Dallas. 

Along the way, authorities said Martinez was sipping on brandy, and swerving on the highway. When he made it near Stanton, several Midland Police cadets spotted the 2003 Mercury 4-door. The officers were headed to a training session, and ended up pursuing Martinez in Martin County. Sheriff Woodward said Martinez drove into a cotton field, rolled his car, and blew out two of his tires. Finally, Stanton Police Chief Michael Adams maneuvered in front of Martinez who hit and crashed his car into the police cruiser.

Sheriff Woodward told NewsWest 9 he had to clean up a little afterwards. As Woodward was helping to arrest Martinez, the suspect threw up all over the Sheriff's boots. 

Police said Martinez had to go the hospital to make sure he did not have alcohol poisioning. On Thursday night, Martinez was booked in the Martin County Jail. He's facing Evading Arrest charges, but the Sheriff said Martinez could also face Kidnapping and Public Intoxication charges. He may be catching a break, he's facing so many other charges, it's likely no drunk driving charges will even be filed.

No one was seriously hurt in the chase. The woman who was kidnapped went home safely with family members.