Construction Wrapping Up at Coahoma ISD

By: Haley Burks
NewsWest 9

COAHOMA - A 16 million dollar bond project is almost complete at Coahoma ISD. Construction started more than two years ago and students and staff said it is well worth the wait.

"The kids feel special and we really just want to thank the community because they passed this bond project and it just shows how the community really values education," Superintendent Randy Brown said.

The only remnants of the old high school still standing are the gym and the auditorium. The new high school boasts a new library, classrooms, and a new agriculture building and a field house.   

"It just looks so new and up to date. When you used to go to another school for UIL and it looked so nice. Well Coahoma looks like that now," Senior, Megan Parrish, said.

The elementary school and the junior high were also made over, creating a new atmosphere for the red and white for years to come.