New Shopping Center Opens Up on the West Side of Odessa

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - A new shopping center is a cause for celebration for those who live on the West side of Odessa. City leaders say it's a long time coming.

The area just off Loop 338 has become a recent hub for new development. Councilman Benjamen Valesquez tells NewsWest 9, one of the biggest issues his constituents talk about is the lack of shopping.

Neighbors say they frequently have to drive into town to find what they need. Now, a new center will hold all types of retail stores, cell phone companies, and restaurants.

Several people who live nearby said they're really excited. They say now they'll be able to find almost anything right down the street.

"I really appreciate the efforts that Odessa is putting into it's own people and the community," Miguel Rubio, who lives in Odessa, said.

Councilman Valesquez says this new center should be finished by the end of the year. But that won't be the end of new development, they plan to continue expanding with more business next year.

And maybe those new shops can do something to boost sales tax numbers for Odessa. The city's numbers are down more than 24% for October. They're getting $1.2 million. For the fiscal year, they're down almost 7% from the year before.