Business Owner Uses Sign to Promote His Agenda

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - An Odessa business is exercising its first Amendment right, grabbing the attention of drivers every day. The business is calling out the government, but not everybody agrees with their message.

Roger Barnhart has some pretty strong opinions.

"Our government is out of control with spending," Barnhart said. "Officials in Washington D.C. are not listening to the American people."

Barnhart owns Barnhart Bolt, a manufacturing company sitting right off West 42nd Street in Odessa. But his opinions aren't just words, they're posted on his sign every week for anyone who might be driving by.

"Several thousand, I'm sure," Roger Barnhart said. "There's people coming from way far west of Odessa going to Midland to work or coming here to work. We'll get emails from people from Kansas who've said, 'hey, I saw your sign.'"

After Barack Obama became President, Barnhart began covering a wide variety of topics.

"It's to show the people, put their name up there - if they just drive by and see someone's name up there, they're not going to think a thing about it," Barnhart said. "But if they look up there and see "moron" they're going to think, who is that? And a lot of people go home and look them up."

And he doesn't seem to be worried about alienating clients.

"We've had more compliments," Barnhart said. "We've had one letter and one derrogatory phone call against what we put on the sign."

"I want people to be aware of what's going on in Washington DC, who these people are, and why they're not doing the job we put them in there to do," Barnhart added.

Hoping passersby will drive off with a new idea.

"I hope someone sees that and goes home and looks up what we're talking about," Barnhart said.

NewsWest 9 spoke with the Democratic Chair for Ector County who has a very different opinion. 

She says it's his business and right to post anything he wants - but she calls it slanderous. And says that the Office of the President deserves respect.