DPS Looking To Recruit Troopers For Border Patrol

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Patroling the Texas-Mexico border has always been a dangerous challenge, but for the Department of Public Safety in Midland, they're recruiting more troopers; ones that will be assigned specifically to work those Texas borders.

"Our main focus is to patrol rural highways. We've been shifting to keeping violence on the other side of the border," Corporal Shanna Malone said.
Malone says so far she's seen a good response with people interested in the job.

"I've been contacted by different people who are interested in joining the academy," Malone said.

Some citizens agree, saying that the increase in security on the border is highly needed.

"A lot of people come illegally and risk their lives not making it all the way across the field. I hope this works and that they do well patrolling," Midland Resident, Gabby Reyes, said.

Those who are chosen for the job will have to take a 10 week class in Austin. Once they pass the class, they'll sign a two year contract to work at a border station.

"It's being offered to experience law enforcement and their obligation is border stations. We have 37 border stations needing to be secured," Malone said.

"It's a risky job, but I'd probably feel a lot safer hopefully if they do their job right," Reyes said.

DPS officials say finding extra troopers to help keep our borders safe may take some time, but will benefit in the long run.