Cross Town Rivalry Hits the Workplace in Odessa

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA-- MOJO and Broncho spirit can be found all over Odessa, including one dentist's office, where staffers found time for a little, friendly rivalry of their own. 

"You just get them on the field and it's a fight to the end," MOJO fan, Crystal Claire, said.

The lobby of Dr. Manuel Carrasco's office was decked out in colors of the staff's favorite teams.

"A lot of people say, oh, that's for Texas Tech.  It's the Permian-OHS game!  It's a big week and we support both teams," Claire explained.

They're an office staff, split right down the middle.  "It was exciting, that's why we decorated the office and made sure everybody wore their school colors.  It's just something fun.  There's not really any hate in this.  It's just all in fun,"  Office Assistant and OHS fan, Kim Ramirez, said.

A 1991 Permian grad, Dr. Carrasco has a championship ring from his day's on the gridiron.   Now things are a little different, "I think it's ironic.  Growing up at Permian, the rivalry was one thing then.  Now it's on to this.  I even think it's a little bit of payback, on my part, having a staff full of Odessa High School alums."

Arlene Marquez is '02 OHS grad and has more personal reasons for her choice, "My brother played for Odessa High and right now, my brother-in-law is part of the Odessa High team.  It's a big competition every year, that we're looking forward to win, this year."

Ramirez has a friendly bet with a co-worker too, "You take me to lunch all week, that's my bet."

So the big question is, who's going to win?

"Permian's gonna win," Claire said.

"I really think OHS is going to win," Ramirez said.

"OHS, definitely," Marquez added.

Carrasco put it this way, "I'm going to have to go with my Odessa Permian Panthers, but I hope both teams do good and which ever one prevails, it will be good."