Big Spring Residents Say Gang Round Up Will Help Them Sleep at Night

By Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING- Three days, four gangs, and 20 suspects. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials along with Big Spring Police and the Howard County Sheriff's Office made arrests over a three day anti-gang operation.

Some of the suspects face drug and gun charges, and others were picked up on outstanding warrants. Thanks to the bust, some residents say they'll sleep a little easier but say the arrests are just a start to making Big Spring safer.

"It's just everywhere. Everyday there is someone new on the news, in the papers, gang related arrested," Leslie Reyes, who lives outside of town, said.

In the sweep, members of the Bloods, Mexican Mafia, Tango Blast, and the Aryan Brotherhood were taken off the streets.

Resident Diana Bailey said she thinks things may get worse if officials don't do something to stop it.

"I am glad to hear they've got this steam going," Bailey said.

ICE officials say the anti-gang operation was a part of a larger National initiative to stomp out gangs.

"There should be a lot more. There is a lot more gang related activity in Big Spring. I don't even let my daughter come to town by herself and she is sixteen," Reyes said.

Some say the gang problem leads to spill over violence and crime they don't want in their town.

"I've been a personal victim of it. I mean I have had my house broken into twice. I had to install an alarm system and everything. It scares me for my kids and stuff," Big Spring Resident, Scott Brooks, said.

Local authorities are calling this a win, especially because they're pooling their resources and working together to stomp out the problem.