Schools Districts Pushing For All Students To Get Required Shots

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

WEST TEXAS - Time is up for students who don't have all their required shots. The deadline was on Thursday. Local school districts say parents whose children don't have their immunizations can expect to hear from them. That could come in a phone call as soon as Friday or early next week.

This year, state officials updated their list of immunization requirements, which state health officials have made available. Ector County officials said Thursday their policy for dealing with those who don't meet the requirements will be similar to last year's. That means they do not plan to suspend any students, yet. They still want all students to come to school. Their main focus right now is making sure they're talking one-on-one with parents.

"If it's a need for parents to actually have our campus nurses to do it, we can work out an arrangement for that. They can see their private physician, they can visit the Ector County Health Department, so there are several ways to get those vaccines done. It can lead to students being suspended from school," Mike Adkins, with Ector County ISD, explained. "Because again, this is not an aribitrary deadline that we as a school district have picked, this is the state mandated deadline for the kids. So, we are going to work with them to get it done just as quickly as possible."

Officials said the ideal situation is to get every student their vaccines without them having to miss any school. 

We have a complete list of Texas Immunization Requirements: