OHS vs. Permian Football Game Information

ECISD Press Release

Now that you have a ticket to Friday night's football game, your biggest concern is getting into and out of the stadium. There are specific directions for both.

Odessa High School is the visiting team and, therefore, seated on the east side of the stadium. OHS fans coming from the west are asked to use 52nd Street, then turn north on Grandview and enter the east gates of the stadium. Permian fans, who will be sitting on the west side of the stadium, are asked to avoid Grandview. It is recommended they travel east on Yukon and enter the stadium by the main south gates. If OHS fans approach from the east and PHS fans from the west it will reduce crossover traffic and make the flow into the parking lot smoother.

After the game, traffic exiting from the main south gates will be diverted east and west on Yukon; traffic exiting from the east gates will be directed south on Grandview; those exiting from the north gates will be sent east and west on Charles Walker Road with traffic diverted east on Charles Walker then being directed north on Grandview.

IMPORTANT NOTE: no cars will be allowed into the stadium parking lot after the beginning of the fourth quarter of the game. If parents drop off their children before the game, they will need to return to the stadium before the start of the fourth quarter or they will have to wait until the post-game traffic clears.

ECISD officials remind fans there is no quick way into or out of the stadium for this game. They recommend arriving at the game early-gates will open at 4:30 p.m.-and being patient after game is over.

For more information about this release contact ECISD Communications at 334-7118.