ECISD Board Members Prepare for Possible Flu Pandemic

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - While some wait for antiviral drugs, agencies across the state, including the Ector County School District, will soon be stockpiling them just in case of a pandemic. On Wednesday, members of the Board of Trustees met to approve the first step.

Currently, board members and staff with Ector County ISD are working on a list of how many antivirals, and much money it's going to cost to buy backup drugs like Tamiflu.   

On Wednesday, they approved an interlocal agreement with the Department of State Health Services. The state is giving government agencies the chance to buy Tamiflu at a significantly discounted price. The school district is just one of multiple entities who are concerned about both H1N1 and the regular flu. However officials stressed this is only for a worse-case senario.

"This is truly an insurance policy against a worse case senario when not only school districts, but you're talking about healthcare providers, all government entities, utility providers, needing to keep people healthy enought to keep basic services going. So, this is not something that we'll be able to apply for, receive, and just doling it out. This will only be for that pandemic, emergency situation to keep basic operations going," Mike Adkins, with Ector County ISD, explained.

Because this is only the first step, officials are still considering how much they are going to invest in this insurance policy. Board members also said they are not going to be buying enough antivirals for everyone. It would just be for critical staff members.