Pharmacies Running Low On Tamiflu

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

WEST TEXAS - As the flu virus lingers around, people are lining up waiting on a remedy. Pharmacists say the more common flu medication people look for is Tamiflu, but now there's a problem.

"There's been a shortage in Tamiflu. Over the last few weeks the manufacturer of Tamiflu just hasn't been able to keep up," Brandon Ammons with Town and Country Drug Inc., said.

Pharmacists say since the flu season hit earlier than expected, manufacturers of Tamiflu are now having to back order to keep up with the demand.

"We actually heard from Tamiflu representatives and they say they're just behind on orders. It takes longer to produce liquid than capsules because the flu season came early, and now they're now running out," Julio Castillo with Graham Pharmacy, said.

Now pharmacists are having to make their own liquid Tamiflu.

"Suspension for Tamiflu is completely out, so we're having to use capsules and substitute that, but even that's running low," Ammons said.

Even with the shortage of Tamiflu, pharmacists say there are other medications you can take that are just as effective.

"There are some other products out there. Doctors are giving other prescriptions so that in case Tamiflu is running low, seek other options," Castillo said.

However, for those who rely on liquid Tamiflu pharmacists say don't expect it to be available anytime soon.

"You're not going to have any in stock any time soon, but as long as we have capsules in stock, we'll be able to make the liquid," Castillo said.