Voters Hit the Polls for Special Election in Forsan

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

HOWARD COUNTY - The numbers are in and the votes are tallied. On Tuesday, Forsan voters headed out to the polls to decide how to give back about $1 million. Tuesday's election revolves around the Robin Hood law. Recently Forsan ISD became a "property rich" district. That means they needed to re-direct almost $1 million. 

207 are for and one is against sending that money back to the state. On the other hand, 204 are for and three are against sending the money to another, less-fortunate district for building educational programs. 

The Forsan district has seen quite a bit of success as the wind turbine industry moved into the area. All that extra business sent property values up and the Texas Education Code labeled Forsan ISD as a wealthier district. They are now required to share that wealth. 

The Superintendent says even though they're losing money, all those wind turbines have meant huge growth in Forsan.

"We know first-hand it has generated jobs and brought a lot of people to our community as they built them and helped the economy here, so it's a positive for Forsan ISD and a positive for Howard County," Forsan ISD Superintendent, Randy Johnson, said.

"My kids go to school here," Steve Schreiner, a local voter, said. "It's a great school and I want to keep local control over where we send our money."

The formula for deciding whether a district is "property rich" is found by taking tax values and dividing it by the number of students in the area. 

Now that the election is over and both options were given the go-ahead, the final decision is up to the school board. They'll decide whether to contribute toward educational programs in other districts across the region or they might decide to send the money back to the state.