Drivers Going the Wrong Way on Frontage Road in Midland County

By: Haley Burks
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY - A construction zone east of Midland off of I-20 is creating a dangerous situation as drivers are disregarding barricades and driving the wrong way down the frontage road.

"This has to stop and it has to stop now, we don't want to have a funeral out here, because people are being ignorant," Midland Constable Chock Harris, said.

TXDOT officials say drivers are going the wrong way, because they don't want to take an alternate route that takes additional time.

Law enforcement has been stepping up patrols and so far they have handed out a dozen tickets. The tickets are can carry a hefty fine of 500 dollars.

The situation is not going to change anytime soon, the 27.5 million dollar construction project will be ongoing for the next few years.