Former Attorney Speaking Out Against the Rebuilt Presidio Levees

by Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

PRESIDIO - Former Attorney Robert McCarthy claims the International Boundary and Water Commission (IWBC) in El Paso is poorly run and they misused the almost 40 million dollars given to repair the levees in Presidio.

The Associated Press reports that he was fired back in July, just days after making those allegations.

All of this is coming to light after a Government Employees Union filed a complaint on Thursday on McCarthy's behalf.

One of his biggest complaints is about the recently rebuilt levees in Presidio.

The IWBC is responsible for those levees.

Massive flooding on the Rio Grande breached the levees last September.

McCarthy claims the agency had reports that those levees could not be rebuilt, but went ahead anyway.

He says if another flood comes, the levees may not be able to survive.

NewsWest 9 spoke with the International Boundary and Water Commission and they stand behind their work and say they are still assessing the site and will continue planning for long term repairs.

The Presidio Mayor tells NewsWest 9, the Water Commission put the levees in a few months ago.

But at this point, they have no idea if they'll hold up over the long term.

According to the Associated Press, a judge will hear this case and decide whether McCarthy should get his job back.