United Airlines to Offer Direct Flights to Denver Through Midland International

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - United Airlines has announced they will be adding flights from Denver to the Midland International Airport. 

Begining December 17th, United Airlines will operate two daily non-stop flights between Denver and Midland. 

United Carrier, Skywest, will be operating the flights with 50 seat regional jets. According to Midland airport officials, they've been wanting a direct flight from Denver for quite some time because it will make connections from West Coast cities much easier. 

Also United Airlines says that Midland was the next city on their list because of all the requests from travelers, so as you can imagine people are excited about having a new airline in Midland. 

Now, while United Airlines has already started booking flights the contract has not yet been signed by the city. There's no word yet if that will affect any existing flights that have already been booked.