Monahans Cowboy's Fan Gets a Surprise of a Lifetime

By Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

MONAHANS- Just like any West Texas Football fan come September, Ed Lopez lives for the sport.

"From Thursday night to Monday night, it's nothing but football," Lopez explained.

Lopez grew up watching the players and watching his father Fred Lopez root for America's Team. It's one of his favorite Cowboy's memories.

"We're part of something special," Lopez said.

On Sunday, Lopez got a big surprise when he went to the Cowboy's new stadium.

"I purchased a program and they were wrapped up in plastic and I didn't want to open it, because it's a collectors item," he said a friend told him he was actually in it.

The organization picked Lopez to be featured on a fan profile.

"Sure enough there I was on page 14, I couldn't believe it," Lopez said excitedly.

Fred Lopez died in 2002 when his heart gave out and is no longer around to watch the games with his sons, but a brick that reads "We Miss You Dad" purchased in his honor this year, keeps his memory alive at the new Cowboy's stadium.

"The whole roof was open, so he was watching the game with us," Lopez said.

Now that Lopez and his wife are expecting a baby girl this fall, naturally they plan to name her Estrella, which means Star in Spanish.