Local Hospitals Offering Flu Advice to Residents

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND/ODESSA - Three West Texas hospitals are teaming up to make sure you and your family are ready for the flu season.

The hospitals say if you or a family member has a fever, cough, sore throat, or is vomiting and you think it may be the flu, go see your doctor first before going to the emergency room.

Hospital officials say you should only go to the emergency room, if you are experiencing shortness of breath or if your child is younger than five and has a blueish gray color to their skin, isn't drinking enough, or is too restless to be held.

Officals go on to say, if an elderly resident has any health condition like asthma, heart disease, or diabetes.

But unless the flu gets severe, the hospitals say just go to your doctor who can give you medicine like Tamiflu.

The hospitals say the best way to keep from getting sick is to get both the regular flu shot and the swine flu shot and stay home from work or school if you're not feeling well.