Residents Concerned About Higher Unemployment Rates

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - West Texas has always been known for its strong, economic foundation especially in the oil field industry, but some people say West Texas is still feeling the economic crunch.

"Yes, I definitely feel the effect. Just go to Midland Mall and you'll see stores that were once there are now closed. This is an oilfield place, but not everyone works in the oilfield. There is still a downsize in Midland especially for those who are the only ones working in the family," Resident, Mike Williams, said.

"It's a crazy time everywhere. You can tell it's affected here too. Everyone's just affected by the economy and it's just sad," Resident, Dessa Saunders, said.

According to the Texas Workforce unemployment rates, Odessa stands at a 9.3% and Midland sits at a 6.1%; which is still below the National average of 9.7%.

Some folks say it's times like these that they're grateful for living in West Texas.

"That's why I moved here. The unemployment rate was a lot higher in other places. This was one of the great factors of moving here," Saunders said.

Others say even though the unemployment rates aren't as bad as other cities in the country, they're doing what they can to get through the National recession.

"I do. I work for the city, so we do what we can to make ends meet. I've got two kids and a wife and it's hard," Williams said.