Effort Hopes to Bring New Life to Odessa Plant

ODESSA - It's a shot at new life and new jobs for the closed Flint Hills plant in Odessa.

A California company and some former employees are joining forces hoping to buy the chemical plant.

The Flint Hills plant closed earlier this year laying off hundreds of employees, but some are hoping to have it back up and running soon.

Constellation Capital Management announced an agreement Friday with former Flint Hills employees at the Elegante Hotel in Odessa.

The agreement states that Constellation will help the employee group get the financing needed to purchase the facility from Flint Hills. They would then restart the production lines and produce high-quality plastics for a number of industries including medical and electronics.

Flint Hills officials tell NewsWest9 they are actively marketing the plant and will sit down with any qualified potential buyers.

Bill Gilliam is the former chairman of the Rexene Corporation. Rexene owned and operated the plant before Flint Hills. Gilliam was in Odessa Friday and says he hopes to reopen the plant and produce polymer products like it did in the past.

Gilliam believes the plant could replace the 500 jobs that were lost and possibly create even more.