West Texans Remember Fallen Marine

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Midlanders say the Tall City went all out honoring a fallen marine. Hundreds gathered on Tuesday to remember Captain Josh Meadows inside the Bush Hanger at the Commemorative Air Force Museum.

"People came out by the hundreds today to honor him," Captain Jamie Peace, who fought with Meadows said. "That's a great testament to the type of person he was."

It was standing room only. Almost 1,000 West Texans jam packed into the CAF to remember Captain Josh Meadows who lost his life on September 5th during combat in Afghanistan.

"To see this kind of support from the local community is phenomenal," Meadow's Commander, Major Brian VonHerbulis, said. "It really touches you. It's great to see and be a part of this."

Captain Meadow's commanding officer in Afghanistan tells NewsWest 9, Josh stepped up to serve under difficult circumstances.

"We had a critical capability gap and Josh was next in line to take those responsibilities," Major VonHerbulis said. "Within three weeks of checking into the unit, he volunteered to deploy, knowing that at that time his wife was about 7 months pregnant. He wanted to be a part of the special operations we were doing over there. That shows the kind of character he had."

Captain Meadows is originally from Elgin, Texas, but his wife Angela's family lives in Midland. She's expecting their first child during the next few weeks.

"His face would just beam with joy thinking about Angela and the birth of their child," Major VonHerbulis said. "He couldn't wait to get home to Texas. I asked Josh if the baby would be born in California or in Texas. He chuckled and said there was no way that baby could be born anywhere other than the state of Texas."

Organizers say the turnout was second to none.

"It was wonderful to see not only Josh's hometown, but the Midland local community because there are still men and women out there fighting and we are still here supporting them," Terri Brown, Director of Development at CAF, said.

"I think this service couldn't have done a better job of honoring who he is and what he believed in," Captain Peace said.