Volunteers Needed For Howard Co. Chaplain Corps

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - A local group in Howard County is looking for volunteers to help, especially in emergencies. 

The County Chaplains Corps is hosting a recruitment training session within the next couple of months. Chaplains are on-call to assist individuals or families spiritually in a crisis or accident.      The classes will train volunteer chaplains on the specifics of emergency services and different types of situations, and how to help victims physically and mentally. However, officials said they're looking for specific qualities in a volunteer.

"It has to be a calling from God," Chaplain Joel Miller explained. "Because when you have got to go out on a scene, and tell five children that their mother and three year old baby sister has just been killed, it has got to be done in the right manner, but it has also got to be a gift from God, for Him helping you to do this."

Chaplains who go through the training will help individuals and families. That's in addition to assisting local police and firefighters. For more information about the class, contact Joel Miller at 432-213-1221 or at the Howard County Detention Center.