Former Attorney General Gives Pep Talk to Lea County Seniors

By Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

HOBBS, NEW MEXICO- The nation's former "Top Cop" made a stop by Hobbs High School to urge seniors from all over Lea County to go to College. Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is now a professor of political science and recruiter for Texas Tech University, but he urged the kids to attend the College or University of their choice.

Gonzales' story is one American's never get tired of hearing. He was the first Hispanic Attorney General and during his address on Thursday spoke about his humble upbringing. Gonzales recalled through hard work, student loans, the GI Bill he was able to make it through College at Rice University and later Harvard Law School.

"It all begins with an education," Gonzales explained to the kids how after High School he joined the United States Air Force and was stationed in Alaska.

His message, go to College, even if you don't enroll right away.

"I understand there may be needs in some communities, rural families,  for their kids to help support the family. But we need to convince the family that this is no longer a luxury, a high school diploma and College degree are now becoming a necessity," he said.

After he talked about his time in Washington, Gonzales opened up the floor to questions.

One high school senior made a bold announcement. He wants to become the first Hispanic President of the United States of America. Gonzales, the former counsel to the 43rd President called the teen down for a handshake.

The kids asked if he had made mistakes, the would-be President asked about the scrutiny he faced after the firings of U.S. attorney's during his time as Attorney General.

On a lighter note, one girl asked who would win in the next match up between Texas Tech and University of Texas at Austin football. Gonzales let the cheers decide.

"I do speak to students quite a bit and they're very inquisitive, they're curious. When you have the opportunity to talk to someone who has had the experiences that I've had, I think, they want to know, how is this possible? What was it like how did you do it?" Gonzales said he hopes to help curb the nationwide dropout rate and encourage more young people to go to College and to take a look at Tech.