President Obama's Speech Delivered Despite Controversy

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

WEST TEXAS - Thousands of kids in schools across America tuned in on Tuesday to listen to the words of the President.

After all the controversy some parents say President Obama's speech wasn't what they expected at all.

"I thought it was his views on politics, but when I saw the actual speech it was just encouragement for students to stay in school," Local Parent, Tonya Knittel said.

The 20 minute speech focused mainly on self-responsibilty, hard work, and the importance of staying in school. Some parents believe that students will benefit from hearing positive words from the President.

"It seems like kids have it hard now a days. Being in a single family household, they're told they can't do it. It's encouraging especially those who are missing a father figure in their life," Knittel said.

Not all parents agree  that what the President had to say was worth listening to. Michelle Fowler took her daughter out of class on Tuesday to keep her from hearing the speech.

"I wanted to make a stand. Saying the Government can't just come into our classrooms. The school needs to know that they need to notify parents when they let someone in our classroom. That's not their place, they didn't give us a choice except to take our kids out of school," Michelle Fowler said.

Others say there's nothing wrong with having the President give words of encouragement to students, and that the only thing political about the President's speech is the controversy.

"It's all encouragement. They can go through tough times, but still make it through. They still have that chance at success," Knittel said.

Encourging or not, some still believe President Obama's speech shouldn't have been shown in schools.

"Politics is not the place for our schools. It's not their place to put their views on education with our children," Fowler said.

Both Ector County and Midland I.S.D. passed on our requests to allow news cameras in a classroom while the speech was given.
If you would like to view the President's speech. You can log on to