President Obama's Speech to School Children Released

By Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- The President's speech to school children is still a lighting rod for controversy in West Texas. Just a day before Mr. Obama is set to give the address, the White House Staff released the remarks on the White House web page.

"I think a lot of people especially in this area are pretty skeptical about the administration, it's a big agenda and a lot of it we don't like. Just going into the classroom and being a mandate something our kids have to watch, I think that was something they weren't excited about," West Texas Dad, Eric Boyt, said. Like many folks he doesn't want to out source his child's education to the Obama Administration.

Before Monday, parents like Boyt didn't know exactly what the President might say.

"After reading it, it just sounds like he is encouraging kids to stay in school and work hard. He told a couple of success stories about people in America who have tried hard and not given up and don't give up. So I mean, I glanced at it. I prefer not to have him in my home in my TV, but if my kids have seen it, they would probably be okay," he said.

On Tuesday, Mr. Obama is set to give prepared remarks over the White House web site and on C-SPAN, encouraging children to work hard for themselves, their families and their country but some argue that's a job for parents not the President.

"If it's their will not to have their children listen to what he had to say that's fine," Johnny Quilimaco, a Texas Tech student, said.

Others argue the Constitution is at work here, and it's nothing new other Presidents have given similar speeches to kids.

"President Obama was the elected President, I really didn't vote for him but he's our President and to me I think it's the freedom of speech. He's making a speech and I see no reason why the kids should not be able to hear it," Pat Olivias said parents can opt out if they aren't keen on allowing their children to listen.

Hannah Sharp is young enough to hear President Obama's message from inside a classroom, she says although she is not his biggest supporter, maybe his message will get through to her classmates.

"I think they should listen to what he has to say it might help influence, if they drop out of school, maybe they'll stay in school," she said.