Obama Speech Keeping Parents From Sending Their Children To School

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Some Tall City parents say enough is enough when it comes to President Obama's speech to school children. Come Tuesday, they said they're keeping their kids out of the classroom. 

They said they have a good reason to be angry after they learned some schools previewed Mr. Obama's speech on Friday.

"It just feels dishonest going behind our back, and letting them watch things that, how do you know that those parents want them to or not?" Midland parent Shawn Blair said.

On Friday afternoon, Blair learned some Tall City teachers showed their students, including her children, a related video to President Obama's scheduled Tuesday speech. That, on top of Midland parents having to opt out their children for the address, she said doesn't follow the school district's rules.

"It says that the parents have the right to review all, anything that they distribute to the kids before they distribute it, and it's happening so quickly, when I asked about reviewing it, and said I would like to review it ahead of time, they said well it's not available," Blair explained. "I said well maybe you shouldn't air it them."

Blair said she's all for speeches promoting education, but after hearing what her children listened to Friday, she's said there's more to the speech. Blair will keep her children out of school on Tuesday.

"You can opt out of your child watching the broadcast, but then what are they going to do?" Blair asked. "Put them back in the classroom, they are going to have all the curriculum, the discussions and everything else. I don't think they even need to be a part of that."

NewsWest 9 has learned some Ector County parents will also keep their children home on Tuesday. No one was available for comment on Friday with the Midland Independent School District.  However, on MISD's website, Midland officals said they are giving parents more time let principals know if they don't want their children to watch the speech. Parents must have it in writing to the Principal by 9 AM on Tuesday morning.