Midlanders Protest Against Hugo Chavez

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Chanting "No Mas Chavez," Midlanders with ties to Venezuela joined an international protest against a South American Head of State.

Those at Friday's protest say Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is slowly stripping away citizen's rights.

Demonstrations like the one outside the Midland County Courthouse have been going on throughout the Country and the World.

Many say Chavez is dismantling what was once a beacon of democracy in south america.

"Eleven years ago we we're a country of freedom, liberty, respect, and democracy. We we're a leader in Latin America and now a days we have a dictator that is against the liberty of thought, the freedom of opinion, the freedom of speech. So it's a dictatorship," Ingrid Torres said outside the Courthouse.

This week, Hugo Chavez is touring countries like Syria, Iran, and Russia

He wants to establish a world not dominated by the United States.

People at Friday's protest say what's going on in Venezuela is tearing families apart as many flee the country because of the loss of freedom.