Sign Up Numbers Low For Hobbs' Citizen Observer

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

HOBBS - Hobbs Police are reminding citizens about an easy way to stay in contact. It's called Citizen Observer, and it let's police send information quickly to residents. However, there's one problem. Police in Hobbs said since they started the program, the sign up has been low.

Police said the goal is to make it easier to send messages to people across town through a text message or email. The system has been in place, now they just need people to sign up. So far, the numbers are low since the department unveiled the program in February. If you sign up, police will send you either text messages or emails with all kinds of alerts, including crime, traffic, and weather. 

It also gives police a fast way to send out suspect descriptions after a crime. In addition, the system allows citizens to send anonymous text messages to police anytime they see anything suspicious. Police have spent thousands of dollars to setup the system, and want to make sure it runs properly.

But to sign up is competely free. For more details: