180 School Districts in Texas Appealing Their School Ratings

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

Tougher dropout rules in the State means more school districts are appealing their ratings.

Midland, Ector, and Andrews were some of the schools given an unacceptable dropout rate from the Texas Education Agency.

While they do not plan to appeal, 180 school districts are doing just that.

It's all over new dropout rules.

The state expanded its definition of a dropout to include students who fail the state graduation exam, students still in GED classes, and fifth year high school students who don't enroll on time.

Last year, only 83 school districts across the state appealed their ratings.

School ratings are based mainly on state test scores and percentages of students who stay in school, too many dropouts can affect the rating.

As far as our West Texas schools, they already have dropout plans in place and are looking at new ways to keep kids in class.

For example, Midland is already planning its yearly recovery walk where officials go door to door looking for former students who may want to go back to school.