City of Big Spring Divided Over New City Pool

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Don't get out the swimsuit and sun screen just yet. The Big Spring City Council wants to build a city-wide pool but one local organziation wants to put on the brakes.

City Council members in Big Spring decided it's time to make some changes to the city pool. Here's the issue, the City wants to build a new ADA compliant swimming pool. That cost is estimated at $4.2 million. The pool at Comanche Trail Park is 80 years old and was closed earlier this year. Mayor McEwen tells NewWest 9, the cost to renovate is so high it would be better to just build a new one. But a new organization, Concerned Citizens of Big Spring, say they want the public to be able to vote on the issue.

"There's a lot more dissention," Shannon Thomason, Chairman, Concerned Citizens of Big Spring, said. "I've talked to a lot of people about this project - some people are for it, others are steadfastly against it. With a project of this size and this dollar amount I believe it only makes sense that the citizens get an opportunity to vote on it."

The group says they plan to take their petition door-to-door and around community events once a tax rate is approved.

The City Council will meet this coming Tuesday to decide which direction they want to take and have the first reading on the new tax rate. City leaders tell NewsWest 9 whether they re-furbish the old structure or build a new one they plan to have it ready for the summer of 2011.