Plenty of Water in Reserve According to Pecos Report

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

PECOS - The results are in for the future of Pecos water reserves, and the wells are looking pretty good. The news comes after City Council Members voiced their concerns about having enough water years from now.

Pecos Mayor Richard Alligood told NewsWest 9 Thursday if there's one resource a West Texas city has to have, besides oil, is water. It looks like Pecos is sitting pretty good with their supply after about a six month study.

At Thursday night's council meeting, a hydrologist told Council members, Pecos should have plenty of water for decades to come. Council members said last year, they sold a high amount of water to the oil and gas industry. So they wanted to make sure the money the city is making off that deal doesn't come at the expense of water for residents. The hydrologist said Pecos should have enough water to last 40 to 70 years.

"Forty years may seem like a good while, but as I indictated it takes ten years or more sometimes to go out and get a new water supply, get it developed and bring it online," Hugh Robotham, a hydrologist from Acradis, explained. "Fourty years, if you think about it goes by pretty quickly."

Mayor Alligood said Pecos residents have been paying slightly higher water bills to pay for a new water field, but he said the report shows it has been a big help. 

One other topic brought up on Thursday was how a new facility for Waste Control Specialists in Andrews could affect the aquifer in Reeves County. This issue was not part of the study, but city officials said they, like a lot of other West Texans, are still learning more about the company and how if anyway it can affect the water.