Elderly Woman Attacked by Neighbors Dogs

By Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Vicky Van Ness tried to keep it from happening, she says she called the pound as recently as Saturday to warn animal control two of her neighbors dogs were loose in the 2400 Block of West Ohio in Midland.
"I've called the pound at least ten times," Van Ness said.

The dogs escaped from their backyard on Thursday morning, attacking an elderly neighbor just before noon.

"It was a little more than your normal dog bite I guess," Paul O'Neill, Director of Animal Services for the City of Midland, said.

The woman tried to fight the dogs off with a gardening tool. She was on her own property when the attack happened according to O'Neill.

"It's awful," Van Ness said about the thought of her neighbor being mauled by two dogs.

O'Neill said the dogs left a large laceration on her leg. The woman was treated at the hospital while the dogs were quarantined at the Midland Animal Shelter.

"It can be any breed. Any dog can bite and you get a couple of them together and for some reason these two decided to attack." O'Neill said the officers had responded to the same home on Ohio before but this was the first time the dogs acted violently.

Neighbors wondered why the animals weren't taken sooner.

"We do have a couple of reports of them being at large. We have never seen them at large. A lot of the time dogs will do that. They will get out for a while and then run back in the way they got out," O'Neill said. " We can't just go into the backyard and take the dog if the dog is running, we are allowed to pursue the dog into the backyard."

Neighbors say off-leash pets are a problem in the neighborhood.

"I've called up to three times in one week for these dogs and other ones, some don't even have tags," Van Ness complained.

Midland Animal Control reports an average of 400 dog bites each year.