Cracking Down on the Drop Out Rate in Midland

by Haley Burks
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - One million kids across the nation and one in three in Midland will not graduate high school and that is why the city and the school district are teaming up to help fight that rate.

"Big push first of the year, The State of Texas says all students enrolled by last Friday in September or they are considered drop outs," Deborah Acosta, the Drop-Out Prevention Coordinator at Midland ISD, said.

That big push comes in the form of a recovery walk that State Farm is financing to find students and get them back in school.

"Last year, we found 400 students, 311 received high school diplomas. We know the recovery walk program works," MISD Superintendent, Dr. Sylvester J. Perez, said.

Using a database officials track down students who dropout almost like a bounty hunter.

"We are trying to get them to graduate with a diploma. A GED is just not as good. The military is not taking a GED anymore," Acosta said.

The team effort to fight drop out rates does pay off for the entire community.

"We are losing in Midland almost 4 million dollars a year due to dropouts," Perez said.

The recovery walk is September 12th and volunteers are still needed to help track down students and get them back in the classroom.