Hobbs Pistol Range Helps Law Enforcement Train for Duty

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

HOBBS, NEW MEXICO - It's getting officers ready for duty. Police in Hobbs are taking practice shots inside their new pistol range. The facility is the first of it's kind in Southeast New Mexico.

The newly redesigned Hobbs pistol range uses a computer to coordinate the target practice.

"Training is really a big part of being an officer here in Hobbs," Officer Mike Stone with the Hobbs Police Department, said.

It's the only indoor range in Southeast New Mexico. Police can simulate almost any situation even alternating between day and night.

"It's unique," Officer Stone said. "Most departments in this part of the state they have outdoor ranges, but here in Hobbs, we have both, so it's a big advantage for our department. The biggest thing is to do an outdoor course, we don't have to go outside at night - we don't have to have officers come in the middle of the night to shoot. We're able to simulate it right here in the building."

Reconstructing the range cost $112,000, but the labor was free.

"We used our inmates for a lot of the painting and tiling of the floor," Officer Stone said.

By adding tire parts to the back wall instead of steel, there's less risk to the officer.

"There's no chance of it coming back to where officers are shooting," Officer Stone said.

The state requires officers to use a range once a year, but this new facility allows about 70 Hobbs Police Officers to use the range every month - keeping them on target each time they hit the streets.