Lea County Humane Society Forced To Close Their Shelter

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

HOBBS, NM - A major budget shortfall deals a blow to the Lea County Humane Society. It's forced them to shut down their shelter. Since their budget was more than 20,000 dollars short, members said on Wednesday closing down will give them a chance to find a way to improve their facility.

"At this time we do want to close, regroup, rethink. Everything that we do we want to re-evaluate," Humane Society President, Justin Dreyer, said.

This week, it's a different picture than usual at the Humane Society. Except for a just a few dogs, nearly every animal has been moved out of the facility within the last month. Dreyer told NewsWest 9 with the economy slashing at their budget, it's time to take a step back and close the shelter.

"We need updates to the facility, we need more support in the community, we need to improve our financial status to be a sustainable, great place to take your animal, and a great place to come adopt an animal," Dreyer explained.

Dreyer said he's thankful for everyone who's donated. He said they have enough money to keep the shelter open another two months, but right now he said it's not the best idea.

Dreyer said the Humane Society will continue to adopt pets online and through foster homes, and offer a number of programs. As they regroup, he hopes others will volunteer to help in anyway they can.

"I don't really see this place being closed all that long because the modifications we're going to make I think are going to be cost effective and fairly simple," Dreyer said. "We're not building a huge new house or building."