Last Day For Cash For Clunkers, Dealerships Still Waiting On Reimbursements

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - If you haven't already traded in that old car, you may be out of luck. Monday was the last day to trade your old car in.

"Today is the last day. We actually finished taking them on Saturday so we have enough time to process papers. It usually takes 3 days to do papers," Severo Enriquez with Rogers Ford, said.
Dealers say it's a long process of paper work that needs to be filed in order to get their reimbursements from the government; something many dealers are still waiting on the line for.

"It's going to take some time, but we're hopeful, we have no doubt," Enriquez said.

Either way Rogers Ford says the Cash for Clunkers program may have lasted a short while, but came out a success.

"We sold 33 cars and thats a big boost. These are people that wouldn't have traded without the incentives," Enriquez said.

Car dealerships aren't the only ones who have been waiting for their cut of the check, salvage yards as well.

"No, not yet. I've got the paper work on several of them, but starting tomorrow or next week maybe I'll get some cars. Some of them are waiting until they get their rebate before giving them out," Marshall Banks with Box Salvage Yard, said.

For Marshall Banks getting his hands on clunkers means cash, but lately finding clunkers to sell the parts hasn't been easy.

"I expected to get more than I did, but it may not be that big in West Texas I guess," Banks said.

Banks says while car dealerships may have benefitted from the rebate program more than he has, he still plans on taking part in it the next time around.

"Hopefully people will be a little more prepared next time. The government changed the requirement so most people didn't know how it worked," Banks said.

Dealerships were given a break; the government gave them until Tuesday to get those papers filed to receive their money.