Tax Free Weekend Saves Families More Money Than Expected

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - It's not black Friday, nor is it Christmas Eve, but a large crowd still gathered at the mall in search of a good bargain.

"We got here at noon. Right now, I'm tired, and it's hot, but I'm still glad I came by. I had fun watching my son spend his money instead of mine," Odessa Shopper, Celia Zermeno, said.

Many families spent most of the day shopping during the Tax Free Weekend trying to get those last minute things for school at a bargain of the price, but how much are shoppers actually saving without the tax?

"We bought shoes, underwear, and expensive jeans. We saved about $95. The lady in front of us saved about 40%. We're just like taking advantage of the Tax Free Weekend," Shopper, Veronica Schroyer, said.

"We thought he was going to spend about $300 on everything, but he spent like $60 on one thing and $30 on the other, so it was a pretty good deal," Zermeno said.

Bargain shoppers say even with the Tax Free Weekend special, shopping for what you need instead of what you want is the key to really saving some cash.

"If you spend $50 on one little dress, you better let her wear it as much as you can, because that's expensive. If I have the money, then I go ahead and buy it, but if not, we wait for it to go on sale," Zermeno said.

For most shoppers saving big on Tax Free Weekend has become a tradition.

"We fight the crowds and it's fun. We waited until it started to do our shopping. We didn't shop before this," Schroye said.

This is the first time the Tax Free shopping weekend included school supplies.