National Tour Reviving Reeves County Cold Case

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

by Wyatt Goolsby

BALMORHEA - A cold case involving a missing Reeves County girl could soon get nationwide attention. That's after volunteers from around the country made a stop in Balmorhea Friday afternoon. The group's focus was on Monica Carrasco, who went missing back in 2003. Her family said they'll never stop looking for her. 

Friday was a day of prayer and hope for the family of Monica Carasco. Like many family's across the country, they're still searching for their loved one years after the disappearance. 

"When people ask me how I feel, I tell them it's like a bad dream, like a nightmare. A living nightmare," Katherine Carrasco, Monica's mother, explained.

Carrasco said her daughter went missing nearly six years ago, and while the cold case in Balmorhea may fade from memory for some, she said she's never stopped looking.

Authorities in Reeves County said ever since Monica Carrasco went missing, they've used lots of resources and manpower to find her. However, with no concrete information law enforcement told NewsWest 9 it's frustrating.

Unforuntaely, officials with the group Community United Effort Center for Missing Persons said this happens a lot nationwide. However, by highlighting specific cases, they're optimistic it will lead to results.

In the meantime, family and friends in Reeves County will continue to hope and pray. If you have any information about Monica Carrasco, contact the Reeves County Sheriff's Department.