Midland Parents Upset Over School Transfers

MIDLAND - School hasn't even started yet and some Midland parents are outraged after finding out their kids will be going to a different campus.

The parents say they wouldn't have been so upset if they had known about the change sooner. The bilingual students are being transferred from the Washington campus to the Pease campus.

School starts Monday and most, if not all of them, had already bought uniforms and school supplies.

Marisa Lopez and Zayra Ontiveros are just two of several irate mothers, who say they just found out in the last few days, their children have been assigned to another magnet school.

"They're transferring all the bilingual students to a different school. The main problem is, we found out a week before school starts. We've got everything purchased. Supplies are the same, but uniforms are different," Lopez said.

Some got either a phone call or letter. The parents say the letter is dated August 11th, but wasn't mailed until the 17th.

"This was an administrative decision to account for those students from Washington, with low numbers, to combine them with Pease magnet, which is another magnet school, and combine them where those numbers get closer to state required or state recommended numbers which is 20 to 1 or 22 to 1," MISD Spokesman Woodrow Bailey said.

When asked about the delayed letters, MISD would only say it was a timing issue.

The district is trying to make the change easier. MISD has given parents vouchers for one free uniform.

MISD officials say they will work with the parents as far as uniforms and supplies are concerned.  For now, the children will be allowed to use the uniforms and supplies at Pease, that they bought  to use at Washington.