Deputies Held to Higher Standard, Residents Say

By Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY- "Sounds like a fair deal to me," Jeremy Bautista said when he heard about the punishments handed down to five Midland County Deputies involved in an incident in Round Rock, TX back on August 10.

On Wednesday, Round Rock Police sent out a press release stating five Midland County Deputies would not face criminal charges for disorderly conduct for their behavior in a Twin Peaks Restaurant parking lot. According to an incident report filed by a Round Rock Police Officer the deputies, who where in the area for training, asked for professional courtesy when they were found looking on as a waitress held a patrol rifle.

"Our name was in the news and it wasn't a happy story," Mark Valdez, a resident said the story didn't make the area look good.

Sheriff Gary Painter decided to fire Deputy Daniel Subia who actually handed the waitress the rifle.

"I think it should never have happened because first of all that gun is supposed to stay with the deputy," Jeremy Bautista said.

Some residents applauded the Sheriff Painters decision.

"Them letting this deputy go is probably the best decision that they could have made," Resident Andrea Martinez, said.

Others like Nathan Williams felt the punishment was too excessive.

"I think something should have been done. Although, I don't think the deputy should have been fired. I understand there needed to be a clear message to all the law enforcement officers, but I do think they should have stopped short of termination," Williams said.

Perhaps it is a double standard but some say law enforcement officers must live by a stricter set of rules than the average citizen.

"When you take a certain position, there are a lot of things that go with it, as far as how you maintain yourself both in the office and outside the office," Martinez explained.

The patrol rifle was another concern for residents.

"Somebody could have gotten hurt. She could have got hurt and then we really would have been in big trouble. Maybe if it was something else it would be too excessive but one of their own firearms? If it was loaded, who knows what would have happened," Valdez said.